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Today smart devices are assisting us in almost every task we perform, but that wasn’t the case when smartphones were running Symbian and other operating systems. This shows how much Android has revolutionized the smartphones and that’s because it is open in nature. Like Android, iOS too has given its share in the evolution of smart devices, but since it is not open like Android, therefore, the rate of development in iOS is low as compared to Android. Android’s biggest market, Google play store hosts millions of useful applications and games which make our day to day task easy. From entertainment to photography and health-related applications to action-packed games, Google play store has everything you need. Now usually you use these applications and play games on your Android devices but here at AppsPCDB, we will introduce you to Android Emulation.

Here we will show you how you can access and play tons of useful applications and games on your Windows PC and Mac devices. So, if you are a gaming freak, who just loves to test all the latest games involving high-end graphics on big screens of PC’s, we will help you accomplish it. Playing games on big screens gives you a totally different feel, you feel more confident, more in control plus everything looks big and much better. All this and much more is made possible by the Android Emulators—third-party applications that install Android OS on your PC’s. This way you access all that Google play store has to offer on your Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 running PC/Laptops and OS X powered Macbook/iMac. Aside from amazing gaming experience, running Apps for PC also solves many issues as well. For instance, if you do not own smartphone or your device’s battery runs out too quickly. All such issues can be addressed by installing Android Emulators on your Windows PC and Mac OS X, and here we will help you do that.

Our aim is to help you install the best and trusted Android Emulators and teach you how you can take the amazing Android experience to your PC’s (Windows and Mac). Also, we will keep you updated with the latest applications and games. Bottom line, here at AppsPCDB you will find everything that you need to run Apps for PC and Mac.

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